Hearing Services in Provo, UT

Harris Hearing Aid Center in Provo, UT provides a complete range of hearing care services. Hearing is essential for communication. Hearing loss not only affects you, it affects the ones you love. Together with you, Robert E. Harris and our staff will help you find solutions to your hearing loss. We offer a variety of services and hearing products to help you preserve and maintain your hearing. Once damaged, hearing loss is totally irreversible. Our goal is to help you continue to enjoy the sounds of life.

We are proud to offer the following services:

The first step to improving your hearing is to have an ear examination and evaluation. This helps is to determine the extent and type of hearing loss you have.

A video otoscopy involves the use of an otoscope that has a very small video camera used to transmit images to a television screen. Using fiber optics to transmit a very bright light to illuminate the ear canal, the otoscope allows us to examine your ear canal and ear drum, while you watch on a TV screen. During the examination, we will check for excessive cerumen, external otitis, foreign bodies, cholesteatoma, PE tube status, and other abnormalities. A video otoscope allows your hearing specialist to see the ear better than a traditional handheld otoscope.

Testing for hearing sensitivity usually confirms or rules out if you have a hearing loss. To have an accurate hearing test completed is the first step in finding solutions to the challenges you may face due to hearing loss. It allows our hearing specialists to determine the underlying problem and create an individualized plan for you to enjoy improved hearing.

Manufacturing and repairing hearing aids on-site ensures you save money and time. We are able to create new ear molds, complete repairs and even create custom-made hearing aids in the matter of hours rather than days.

After your custom hearing aids are created, we show you how to use and take care of them. We want to make sure they fit comfortably in or around your ear, and that you have a successful transition to wear your hearing aids. In addition, we work with you to fine tune the settings on your hearing aids to ensure you get the best possible results.

As with any equipment, occasionally your hearing aids may need repair. With our on-site manufacturing facility and lab, we are able to provide many on-the-spot hearing aid repairs. We can service all of your hearing aid needs.

In many cases, we can repair many issues while you wait or within the same day. Major repairs may take 1-3 days and only cost $30-$104. The industry standard is anywhere from 10-21 days and cost anywhere from $150-$400. At Harris Hearing Aid Center, our goal is to provide you with outstanding service that saves you time and money.

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Committed to Affordable, Quality Hearing Services in Provo, UT

For over 58 years, Robert E. Harris has provided quality hearing care and attentive service in Provo, UT. At Harris Hearing Aid Center, we are dedicated to help you preserve and maintain your hearing. Whether you are looking to protect your hearing from damage or have suffered hearing loss, we have the quality products and attentive services you can count on.

In addition to hearing aids, we are proud to provide patients with custom ear molds, custom earplugs, music monitors, hearing protection and more.

Our team provides our patients with the tools and resources to understand their hearing loss and to prevent further damage.

For more information or to schedule a hearing evaluation, please contact us today at 801-373-6827.