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About Harris Hearing Aid Center

Hearing loss affects all aspects of your life. It can leave you feeling lonely, disconnected from your friends, loved ones, and lifestyle. At Harris Hearing Aid in Provo, Utah, we understand the desire to live an active lifestyle, uninhibited by hearing loss. We are committed to help you improve your hearing and quality of life. Our staff will take the time to get to know you and your specific needs. We are proud to offer a full range of services including: custom hearing aid fittings, hearing diagnostics, hearing aid manufacturing, hearing aid repair and more. Once damaged, hearing loss is totally irreversible. Our focus is to help you get back to your life, with individualized, personal care.

One important way we ensure quality service is that we manufacture your hearing aid on-site, in Provo, UT. Our lab, on-site in our office, ensures that you receive high quality hearing products without the extra cost. Because we own the lab, we are proud to offer you drastically discounted prices on hearing aids and repairs. In addition, you get the fastest service around. Your hearing aids, custom ear plugs and other products can be made in hours instead of weeks.


Robert Harris, Audioprothologist (ACA), BC-HIS

Audioprosthology (ACA) refers to the practice of fitting individuals for hearing aids. An audioprosthologist has completed a specialized course in audioprosthology.

Honest and sincere, Robert E. Harris has provided attentive hearing care services in Utah county for over 58 years. As a hearing aid user himself, he understands the unique challenges you face with hearing loss and is sincerely concerned that you get the hearing solutions and hearing aids that satisfy your needs and complement your lifestyle.

Accomplishments & Achievements of Robert E. Harris

  • Co-inventor and creator of the world-class ear product ProEar by MiraCell
  • Certified by the American Conference of Audioprosthology
  • Member of the International Hearing Aid Society
  • Certified by National School of Audiometry Oklahoma, 1964
  • Certified by National Hearing Aid Society, 1973
  • Director for Utah Hearing Aid Society
  • Studied Audiology at Brigham Young University, 1975
  • Consistently voted #1 Best for the past 18 years, by the Daily Herald Best of Utah Valley
  • Dedicated to Restoring Your Sounds of Life with Over 58 Years Experience

Credentials of Robert E. Harris

  • Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences (BC-HIS)
  • Endorsed by the Better Business Bureau
  • Longstanding Member of the International Hearing Society
  • Yearly Recognition by the Consumer Business Review
  • National Board Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences: Certificate of Completion & Demonstrating Standards of Professional Excellence
  • Utah Hearing Aid Society: Acknowledged as an Upstanding Member
  • International Hearing Society: Qualified Member Maintaining High Standards of Technical Competence & Certificate of Completion
  • Audiotone: Certificate of Award as a Qualified Audiotician
  • American Conference of Audioprosthology: Certificate of Excellence
  • National School of Audiometry: Certificate of Qualification as an Audiometrist
  • Mt. Hood Community College & Oregon Society of Hearing Aid Consultants: Certificate Acknowledging the Maintaining of High Standards & Technical Competence
  • National Hearing Aid Society National Board for Certification: Certificate of Declaration as a Hearing Aid Audiologist
  • Mt. Hood Community College & Oregon Society of Hearing Aid Consultants: Certificate of Completion for Modern Development in Hearing Aid Technology
  • International Institute for Hearing Instruments Studies and Annual Convention: Certificate of Completion
  • Electone, Inc.: Certificate of Award in Performing Procedures in Testing & Hearing Aid Fitting & Certificate of Merit in Outstanding Devotion & Tireless Dedication
  • Fidelity Electronics, Ltd.: Recognition of Accomplishment for Helping So Many Hard of Hearing & Certificate of Merit in Outstanding Service & Achieving the Highest Degree of Skill
  • Advance Trade Schools: Certificate of Merit
  • Qualitone Hearing Aid Company: Certificate of Achievement for Demonstrating the Highest Degree of Skill, Competence & Integrity in Serving the Hard of Hearing
  • Department of Business Regulation: Certificate of Compliance
  • Advance Trade Schools: Certificate of Recognition

We are happy to answer any additional questions you have and provide you with the resources you need to understand your hearing loss.

For more information about our services or to schedule hearing evaluation, please contact Harris Hearing Aid Center by calling 801-373-6827 in Provo, UT.